Rethink Your Kitchen with Professional San Diego Kitchen Contractor

Modern kitchens have evolved a lot from the previous decade. Today, kitchens are focusing on functionality while embracing minimalism. But no matter how you want your kitchen to look, Elite Remodeling & Design is here to transform those ideas into reality.

There is so much you can do with your kitchen, irrespective of the space that you have. Here are some of the things that you can consider having:

Changing The Kitchen Layout:

Open-layout kitchens are in trend these days. However, they are not the only option that you have. You can change the position of the islands or even get multiple entry/exit points to completely refresh the kitchen layout.

Multiuse Kitchens:

Your kitchen can be so much more than a cooking and prepping area. You can make use of multi-use kitchen ideas and transform them into a family-friendly hub with a desk and study area.

Kitchen Partitions:

Want to make your kitchen feel cozy without compromising a lot on openness? You can get kitchen partitions that not only divide the space into two but also lends character.

Our San Diego Kitchen Remodel Process

Our kitchen remodeling process is simple yet highly efficient. We focus on getting more work done in less time, without compromising on the quality of work.

You would be involved at every stage of the process. The project manager assigned to you would give you regular updates. At the same time, all attempts would be made to implement your ideas and make sure that the kitchen turns out just the way you want.

Here are the steps that we follow:

Initial Call

Things start when you give us a call. This would help us understand what your remodeling goals are and also help you discover how our services will help.

Home Visit and Consultation

Team members visit your home to assess your kitchen space, and know about your ideas. Things like the budget will also be discussed.

Design and Estimate

Based on your preferences, we will begin the work on the design. The design would be prepared by conforming to all the local building codes that apply to the city of San Diego.

After you finalize the design, a detailed cost estimate would be provided to you. After you agree, the rest of the paperwork would be done.

Getting the Permits

The first thing that needs to be done would to apply for kitchen remodeling permits at the local city office. The application would be submitted and the inspections would be scheduled.


After getting the initial approval, we will begin the build process. The build process would be further divided into the following stages:

    1. Deconstruction – If there is a need, we would deconstruct the kitchen
    2. Structural Build Out– The carpentry crew will begin the framing work. Depending on the design, major construction work would be done.
    3. Plumbing Wiring and HVAC Rough-in– If the plumbing and the wiring need to be re-routed, then they would be done at this stage. In most cases, the first round of inspections will be scheduled with the city inspectors at this stage.
    4. Finishing Walls and Ceilings – At this stage, your kitchen will start to look like a kitchen. Insulation, installing drywall, and priming and finishing walls and ceilings would be completed.
    5. Installing the Flooring – Based on the material that you choose, installing the flooring will be done at this stage.
    6. Install Cabinets and Countertops – If you are installing a new set of cabinets, then they would be installed at this time, along with the countertops.
    7. Setting up appliances – At the final stages, the appliances would be installed so that they fit seamlessly into your new kitchen.

Completion and Final Inspection

After checking that everything is done right, the final inspection would be scheduled. After getting the approval, your work would be considered to be done.

Getting Kitchen Remodeling Permits

As a professional San Diego kitchen remodeler, we lay a great deal of importance on getting the permits on time. Kitchen remodel permits are needed whenever you alter parts of your kitchen. Here is the process that should be followed:

Get the design plans ready

Submit the plans and other paperwork to the Building Plan Pre-Submittal Review (BPPR)

Schedule your project submittal appointment with BPPR

Make the payment for the plan check fees

Get the approved plans and correction lists from building division

Make the corrections and re-submit the plan

Make the payment for the permit fees

Get the permit issued

Schedule inspections at different stages of the remodeling work

Upon final inspection, the Certificate of Occupancy will be issued

Schedule a Free Consultation and Estimate

Looking to get the right services for San Diego kitchen remodel? Why wait? All you need to do is to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment with our experts. We would take care of the rest.