Top Considerations for a Bathroom Redesign

Bathroom Redesign

Getting your bathroom right is an essential aspect of a well-designed home. You can create a functional space that makes your morning rush more convenient when your  layout is appropriate for your family’s needs.

Here are the Top Considerations for a Bathroom Redesign

Layout Options

Laying out a great plan is a vital step when deciding to redesign your bathroom. You should decide on a complete look and feel for your bathroom before any demolition begins. Bathrooms need style and substance. Whether you are looking to redesign an old bathroom, create a luxurious spa-like setting or just improve the accessibility and safety of your tub, Elite Remodeling & Design has the products and remodeling experience you want.

Don’t Begin Without Figuring Out Your Budget

Bathroom remodels can be costly if not properly and efficiently designed. Choosing to work with Elite Remodeling & Design is the right decision. We pride ourselves in working with your budget to create the most beautiful and affordable bathrooms! We personally sit down with our clients, discuss their needs and budget, and design a beautiful bathroom within their means.

Don’t Just Hire Any Contractor

Don’t just hire any contractor to do the job. Search for a company that has a great rating, has great reviews and referrals. We are one of the premier companies in San Diego for bathroom remodeling. We will guide you every step of the way from choosing design and materials, to obtaining proper permits and creating the  beautiful bathroom you desire

Plumbing Fittings

Though it may not be the first thing that bounces to mind when contemplating how to remodel your new bathroom, your hardware is a great chance to make a statement. There’s an abundance of options, each with their own distinctive elements. From minimal to elaborate, classic to modern, you’re bound to find the appropriate style to suit your taste. Your choice of color is significant as well.  Silver, gold, and bronze are traditional choices, but in recent times, black has been a sought-after choice.
Your shower head is another consideration the size and style first and foremost, but also whether you will include a separate hand-held shower hose, which is great for washing hair.

Bath Type

If your design includes a bath, there are several stylish alternatives to select from. An inset bath enables you to include additional tiling which can be a focal point plus you can include a shelf for extra storage. A free-standing bath gives you a contemporary and stylish focal point, and you can select the shape to be rectangular or oval, curved or sharp-edged to match your other features.

Wall Tiles

When considering tiles, you need to select a finish, color, and size that fit with your design. Once you’ve picked your tiles, the next step is to make a decision on the wall height. The standard option for our modular designs is one meter in height, but you can opt to upgrade to the floor to ceiling if you wish.

Conclusively, when designing a new bathroom, it’s common to feel a little besieged by the number of decisions you need to make and the number of alternatives available for each one. By breaking it down and taking one step at a time, you’ll feel less pressure and will end up with a much better design and finished product. Are you ready to design your new bathroom but don’t know where to begin? Our team has assisted hundreds of clients to create their dream bathroom and we’d love to hear from you as well. Contact us today.

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