Stucco is one of the most durable materials used since its discovering back in Ancient Greece. There are two types of stucco: (1) synthetic (EIFS) and stucco.  It can be applied to any surface, wall, and ceiling.

Elite Remodeling & Design offer stucco repair.  Our professional approach to each project ensures that we deliver quality service to our customers at that right price.  No job is too large or small for us.  Whether you have minor damage or have an addition to blend, our stucco repair team can do it.

Other Services Offered by Elite Remodeling & Design:

We do large or small repairs

Install new kick-out flashing

Damage Crack


Damage Birds Hole

Moisture Readings

Refinishing and Install New Color on Damage Areas

Pressure Wash Stucco

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One of our most common stucco applications is that of stucco. Commercial and residential properties with old or damaged exteriors benefit significantly from a new coat of color and water blasting.

There are numerous different means to approach a Stucco project, based mainly on the existing finish and what actions must be employed to create or promote a uniform substrate. Stucco is only as sturdy as its substrate, and therefore any weakness or discrepancy in any base will wreak havoc with the final color coat.

It should be noted that the only way to correctly re-stucco any structure with an existing stucco finish, is by utilizing the services of a professional stucco applicator such as Elite Remodeling. Pressure washing not only removes the present and often ‘compromised’ top coat, but also ‘opens’ up the substrate to reveal the issues often hidden underneath.

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Residential Stucco

Although Elite Remodeling & Design offer a wide variety of stucco options in both the commercial and residential building segments, the company is enjoying great success by also committing itself to its residential clients.

Residential Stucco, there are many choices. Choices in color, surface, and texture. The creative options are in the hundreds. Give your current home the care it needs with a southwestern, classic or contemporary flair made to withstand the harsh heat of summer and the fracturing cold of winter.

Completely change the ambiance of your residential home with luxurious and mood-inspiring interior treatments. We provide our clients complete consulting, structural strength, design, and craftsmanship when it comes to quality because there is so much more to successful surfaces than just texture or color. We will rise to the surface every time.

Commercial Stucco

Commercial stucco application is dealt with in a different method to that of residential stucco application. At Elite Remodeling & Design we totally recognize that the distinction between residential stucco and commercial stucco is not only based on scope and size alone. There are fundamental differences that make operating in the business arena a completely different. We also have the right internal framework and external contacts to handle a project of magnitude. Commercial stucco “separates the men from the boys,” as they say. Moreover, this is indeed a very accurate statement.

A skilled stucco contractor should always be used when considering a new look to the exterior of your home. Contact us today