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The bathroom is a fun place in the home to spend some quality time for both kids and adults, as bath time is a fun time for both adults and growing minds. The bathroom can be dangerous for kids, this is why it’s necessary to consider where to put the appliance before building or remodeling it for kids. Safety is an important key element for kid’s bathroom.

Below are bathroom remodeling safety tips for babies and kids:

  1. Install No-Slip Strips on The Bottom of Your Bathtub: Installation of no-slip strips on the bottom of your bathroom helps prevent kid’s slips and fall. By considering you cover the water faucets with cushioned cover to prevent injury if your kids bump against it.
  2. Installation of toilet lid lock: This prevents kids from reaching into the toilet water.
  3. Adjust Your Water Heater to Prevent Scalding: If your heater is located too close to the reach of your kids, it is better to adjust. If you cannot lock up your bathroom, it is best you turn it down the water heater.
  4. Electrical Appliances: Every electrical outlet should be blocked with ground fault circuit interrupter outlets.
  5. Toiletry and Medicine Storage: Keeping all medicines containers and toiletry in the storage and providing the storage with lock is a way of not letting kids come in contact with them because they can be harmful to them. So, therefore, when remodeling the bathroom toiletry and medicine storage, storage should be built in such a way that it has a lock to avoid kids from touching the materials inside.
  6. When remodeling is ongoing, remember to provide the cushion around the tub spout as well as edge and corner cushion on cabinets, to prevent cuts and bruises.
  7. Updating the bathroom floor: If the toilet has a slippery, high-gloss flooring finishes, it is best changing that to the nonslip floor such as tile with a matte finish.
  8. Relocate rings or bars: Getting that safety bathroom for your kids, every towel bars or rings should be located inches from entrance door so kids do not have to reach too far from them.
  9. Before installation of any water heater, look for taps and mixer that have temperature control settings. This will ensure that the water temperature never reaches a dangerous heat.

A professional remodeling company has every idea of what needs to be done, how things need to be in their proper position to creating that safety bathroom for your kid.

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