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Addition to a home increases the value of the property, provide additional ease and comfort to your everyday life as well as overall appearance of your home. 2019 emerged addition home trends that are adapted to new technologies and increasing usable square footage. As another year emerged, it was a great time to consider those improvement project of your have been putting off. Here are
Knowing where to start from with home remodeling project can be challenging and a great way to come up with the idea of remodeling is to know and understand the latest 2019 trends. Below are valuable information offered for different part or section of a home.


When it comes to bathroom, most house owners overlook the idea of remodeling because they feel it is the smallest part of the home. There is plenty of room for remodeling in the bathroom which is one of trends list as a priority from adjusting to matching the rest of the home. It’s include giving it the hot plain design, best industrial look from colors to best wood elements and themes for finishing.


Many kitchen remodel trends can be made to fit in any budget and complete in a fairly fast time frame. Kitchen remodeling trend include:

  • Building of kitchen with smart technology remodeling trend from the ground up which include the use of smart lighting and appliances such as phone controlled lighting, smart refrigerators, automatic coffee maker and many other more. Home owners of any age and class can benefit from that technology when it is considered.
  • The idea behind keeping kitchen gadget and utensils hidden from view in order to make proper use of space in the kitchen by packaging and proper putting in place of all kitchen gadget into the cabinet is one goal anyone would look forward to and 2019 remodeling trend has offered that.
  • Having the eye catchy polished with the appropriate color designs for your kitchen cabinets by providing industrial look is a powerful remodel trend and can bring a breath to dated kitchen.


This trend has really taken several years for any growing or multi-generation family. The need for better accessibility in home is the result of older generation moving in with loved ones as well as expanding on the ever popular open-floor plan. The idea of adding custom stylish hard rails where needed, reducing steepness of steps will add value to your home as well as open up many spaces that are typically closed from the rest of the room.


Master suite is considered as an expensive remodeling project to begin with. The 2019 trends concept revolve around open space and luxuries additions and lots of suites are adopted that include skylights to enhance natural lighting, reading nooks, fireplaces, rock work within the entire room which drives the benefit of master suite. The luxury basements which often include bar, sitting area, and simple dining are desired for relaxation at home.
Home additions can be costly and time consuming, but the end results matters. 2019 remodeling trend for every section of your home have one similar objective which is to ensure that house owner has the best quality relaxing time and easily accessibility at home.

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